Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Manny of Mannybeads shared a beautiful poem, “Gems” by Judith W. Steinbergh in the forums of Earthborn Market. (

The poem spoke of gems and how “they draw you in and down like water where fish startle and gleam. Just holding one, you slip past the surface of things, down the silvery veins of the mind.”

The poem touched me so deeply because those are the exact reasons why I love "gems". I've been working with some of the wonderful rough cut gems I purchased over the past few months - aquamarine, garden quartz, apatite, grossular garnet, tourmaline, and kyanite. I love to hold them up to the light and gaze into their depths. Much to be learned there.

If you’d like to delve into the metaphysical aspects of gems and stones, I recommend the following books: “Stones Alive! volumes 1 & 2” by Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess, and “Gemisphere Luminary” by Michael Katz.

In “Stones Alive! Volume 1” you will be introduced to “the ancient world of listening to stones where the where the wondrous energetic gifts from their hearts offer us exactly the qualities we most need now. They connect us to the earth and all of life, deeply and immediately.”

“Stones Alive! Volume 2” “takes us more profoundly into our union with the stones and the earthy by empowering us to listen to the wisdom of stones for ourselves – an ancient art practiced by people who respectfully live close to the earth. Learn how stones speak uniquely with you and how you can join your energies with theirs in honoring and exponential miracles.”

“Gemstone Luminary” is “ the true account of the author’s conversations with the Gemstone Guardians – the inner-world beings responsible for fulfilling the purpose and maintaining the effects of gemstones everywhere.

There are also many websites dedicated to the spiritual/metaphysical/esoteric meaning of gems. Enjoy exploring!

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