Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Creative Life in the Heart of NYC

When people ask where I do my work, they can’t believe what I tell them. My “work space” is just a small desk in the corner of my bedroom next to a window with southern exposure that looks toward downtown. I live in the Gramercy Park section of Manhattan. It’s a lovely area and great location for getting to any part of the island. But our apartment is not large and I guess you just get used to what you have to work with…

In the mornings, after my youngest daughter heads off to school and my husband leaves for work – my day begins and I get in gear. I cover the bed with a sheet (to prevent errant beads from making a permanent home for themselves on my husband’s side of the bed :). Then I set out the trays of beads that have spent the night on my desk chair! If it’s a sunny day – what a joy, if not the Ott light comes out and all is well.

Flash back to early May. Daughter goes to school. Husband leaves for work. I’m left staring at a mountain of paper plates and plastic bags filled with beads, silver, and findings. Not a good scenario. After months of creative frenzy this is the aftermath and it is not pretty. What to do? Avoid it of course. Lots of good excuses. So many other things to do…

Looking at the mess was making me very anxious, depressed and unable to focus on making something new. But after a week or so of feeling this way, I decided to undertake the very painstaking, dirty (my desk is next to a window, remember? – NYC - soot!), and time consuming job of going through every paper plate, plastic bag, tray, box, desk drawer, and shelf.

I separated every bead, tiny piece of silver, you name it and put them into newly purchased plastic containers with neat little compartments. It became a meditation unto itself. I just let all my thoughts of inadequacy and doom float away and did my penance. Max, our year old cat was my daily companion. He’s a bead cat. He sits and guards the trays of beads while I work!

Well, about 2 weeks later, (told you it took a long time!) everything had a place; the paper plates and plastic bags were on their way to be recycled, and I was set free! I felt so much lighter. I had energy. I wanted to make something new! And that I did.

Now every morning when it’s just me, Max the cat, and my beads, I sit at my desk and let the energy flow through me. My beautiful Pachakuti Mesa sits on the top shelf of the window bookcase, bringing in additional creative energy. Now…if I can just keep it this way!

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  1. Hi Abby. I love your 'workspace'. I can feel creative energy in there. I hope to do the same wit my yarn supplies..organised :)